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Our Values are there to underpin how we act and behave in everything we do. Our Code of Business Ethics helps us act with absolute integrity and to do business the right way; every day.

At Spectris we have clear policies and procedures in place by way of our Group Manual. We require every employee to complete their mandatory Code training annually and also have additional risk based training assigned on a role by role basis.

We encourage our employees, contractors, customers and third parties to report any concerns or instances of unethical practices via our Speak Up process. By offering a multitude of methods to raise concerns, from internal routes to a 24/7 helpline and web portal, there shoud be an option that suits everybody’s needs.

Alongside the above, we have a global network of Ethics Officers to help us embed and to support our ongoing ethics programme.

Spectris did not make any contributions to and spending for political campaigns, political organisations, lobbyist, or lobbying organizations, trade associations and other tax-exempt entities, or other groups whose role is to influence political campaigns or public policy legislation.

Code of Business Ethics

Use the links below to read our publication “Winning Right – Our Code of Business Ethics”

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